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Twenty years ago the Stone Barn was a low shed storing hay and housing calves and pigs. Around 2003 it was converted to a one bedroomed house. In 2016 it was doubled in size, completely modernised and refurnished. It now has three bedrooms, two with king sized beds and one with twin beds - all have their own shower rooms.

Stone barn private parking IMG_1802

The gates to the private parking area for the Stone Barn which easily takes 3 cars. Behind this part of the building is the new extension which doubled the size of the Barn.

Stone Barn front door IMG_1462

The new front door on the extension with the stone marking all the craftsmanship of Race Brothers who did all the building so carefully using stone entirely from Westbrook Farm.

Stone barn terrace 2 IMG_1792

The terrace is on the south side of the new part of the Stone Barn

Stone barn terrace 1 IMG_1794

The south side of the new part of the Stone Barn.


Looking in through the doors on the older part of the Stone Barn.

Stone barn sitting area and TV IMG_1823

The Stone Barn has reclining chairs and a reclining sofa as well as TV with DVD.

Stone barn sitting area sofa IMG_1842

The reclining sofa next to the door to one of the double bedrooms.


Looking from one double room across the sitting room to the double bedroom door on the west side of the barn.

IMG_2294 Dining chairs in the Stone Barn

Modern and comfortable dining area


The east end of the new kitchen with the induction hob and to the right, the sink with a view over the garden.


The west end of the kitchen.

Stone barn view from kitchen sink IMG_1857

The kitchen window looks through the trees to the fields

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 18.38.54

Double doors in the west end double bedroom

Stone barn double & ensuite IMG_1814

The west end bedroom with king sized bed and door to ensuite shower room.


The shower room off one of the double bedrooms.

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 18.39.32

Looking into the west end double bedroom


The east end double bedroom


East end double bedroom and ensuite


East end double bedroom and ensuite


Door from east end double bedroom into the living room

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 18.38.11

The twin room and door to its ensuite


The twin bedroom looking towards the window and ensuite shower room.

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 18.38.02

Twin bedroom

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