For most of the year Judith Randel and Tony German live in Old Westbrook Farmhouse and so are nearby if you need anything when staying in Westbrook Barn or the Stone Barn.


For a few weeks when Judith and Tony are away, Old Westbrook Farmhouse is available for very large families or groups. 

Judith Randel

We've lived at Old Westbrook Farm for nearly 30 years and have planted over 250 trees. Its amazing how this has encouraged the birds - we've counted over 50 species including woodpeckers, owls, goldfinches, wrens and buzzards. We love having the pigs, cows, sheep and hens too.

Tony German

When we bought the place, the Estate Agents details said, "not so much a house, more a way of life". That's true. A big house always needs some painting and odd jobs, the fields and hedges  need cutting and fencing. But people say that gives the place a welcoming and relaxed feel!

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